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IAMMI collaboration ~ Kayla Jurlina and Fraser Chatham
Sunset Bar collaboration ~ Danelle Bohane

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"I highly value our partnership with the team at MATES. They bring a tremendous amount of value to our brands, are great to work with, and consistently exceed our expectations. They demonstrate dedication and a strong work ethic, making them feel like a natural extension of our internal marketing team. MATES consistently deliver fresh and creative thinking, coupled with effective execution. They proactively bring new ideas to the table and are not afraid to challenge the status quo, while remaining open to feedback and constructive criticism."
Dzin Alekzander
Director of Marketing, HIND Management
"The awesome and creative crew at MATES are like the magical unicorns of our team, bringing their a-game digital marketing skills to our campaigns. When I first started working with MATES, they instantly grasped the essence of Fatima's—our culture, values, and lofty ambitions! I trust them to deliver epic and on-brand content again and again that perfectly captures our brand's essence."
Kirsty Senior
Founder of FATIMAS
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Campaign & Comms Strategy, Marketing,
Digital Advertising, Design & Content, PR


Brand & Sales Strategy, Marketing,
Digital Advertising, Design & Content


Launch To Market Strategy, Marketing, Digital
Advertising, Strategic Partnerships, Design & PR


Campaign & Comms Strategy, Marketing,
Digital Advertising, Design & Content
"MATES offers an unbeatable combination of creativity and strategy. The team's background and experience means they understand the ins and outs of running a business. They’re a sounding board across so many areas of Studio Box and have become both advisors and friends."
Dwayne Rowsell
Founder of Studio Box
"Mimi and the MATES team did an amazing job launching and promoting our Sidehustle app. Working with band Six60 and other social partners we achieved 22,000 people on the app in under 6 months.  What sets the MATES team apart is their “all in'' approach and commitment to success.   Incredibly hard-working and talented with unbounded enthusiasm."
David Gibson
Founder of Sidehustle
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