we get it.

Paying the salaries of experienced strategists and creatives is expensive. No really, we actually get it… you see, MATES was born when our founder Mimi looked at the award-winning in-house marketing team at her business, Burger Burger, and realised they should form an agency. By taking on other clients, the very high standard of work would remain but the costs would be shared.

Our unique origin story is reflected in our unique approach: we’re nimble and will work how you want us to, whether that’s as an extension of your in-house marketing team, as consultants, or as the team itself.
Between us, we have many decades of experience in not only marketing and creative strategy, but in business too. We think this is our superpower, and how we’re able to consistently deliver results that enhance our clients’ brand strategy, social media game, creative identity and, of course, sales.
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